Saturday, October 1, 2016

Configure Gmail on Dspace

Dspace can accommodate Gmail service to send emails.

Email settings reside in dspace.cfg file. Open the Terminal and apply following commands to add gmail configuration:

sudo su
leafpad /dspace/config/dspace.cfg

Find following each chunk of lines the configuration file and add Gmail credentials.

# SMTP mail server
mail.server =

# SMTP mail server authentication username and password (if required)
mail.server.username =
mail.server.password = gmailpassword

# From address for mail
mail.from.address =

# Currently limited to one recipient!
feedback.recipient =

# General site administration (Webmaster) e-mail
mail.admin =

Find the following line,

mail.server.port = 465

Comment it,

#mail.server.port = 465

Remove comment in the following lines;

#mail.extraproperties = mail.smtp.socketFactory.port=465, \
#             , \
#                       mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback=false

It should look like after uncomment the lines;

mail.extraproperties = mail.smtp.socketFactory.port=465, \
             , \

Save and close the file.

Go to the following link and disable security settings:



  1. leafpad /opt/tomcat/webapps/jspui/layout/header-default.jsp

    after this command in my pc that leafpad was opening blank

    and allowed to replace logo in Dspace folder

    plz instruct me wht ill do for that other wise plz change trough remote access if when u ill free